Love Ideas Ink – the wedding collection


I am very excited to show you today a few snaps from my debut Wedding suite collection from Love Ideas Ink.

This has been a while in the making but I am very pleased with the final suites. There are 5 gorgeous suites – Lila, Carrie, Hannah, Eleanor and Sallie to pick from – each has a very distinctive point of view and colour scheme. I hope you will see something that draws you in and makes you feel magical!

You can shop here now.

LoveIdeasInk Wedding Collection one

LoveIdeasInk Wedding Collection two

LoveIdeasInk Wedding Collection three

LoveIdeasInk Wedding Collection four

LoveIdeasInk Wedding collection five

LoveIdeasInk Wedding collection six

LoveIdeasInk Wedding collection seven

LoveIdeasInk Wedding collection eight

LoveIdeasInk Wedding collection ten

LoveIdeasInk Wedding collection nine

LoveIdeasInk Wedding collection eleven

All images by Natalie Morgan Photography. Shop here from Love Ideas Ink.

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