Kohekohe Honey

Inky and bright - Kohekohe header

Over the past couple of years I have learnt A LOT about beekeeping and honey thanks to my partner taking up the hobby which quickly turned into a business. Kohekohe Honey is in its second season of production and this year we have comb honey and liquid honey to sell (liquid coming soon!)

I wanted to share some pictures from this journey and also let you know where you can buy it online (NZ Only at the moment sorry!).

I love the brand we have designed together, it is a great mix of rustic and authentic styles and really conveys the organic, natural process we have taken to extract the honey. There is no manufacturer involved, no processsing and the taste and smell of the honey really shows this. Honey is such a beautiful product and to see it in it’s natural form and then simply package it up is a gift and we are very excited about this product!

Inky and bright - Kohekohe header2

KHKH Three


KHKH two




Inky and bright - Kohekohe website





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