Sparkling at the Blogcademy Chicago

Blogcademy header LII

A Little Bright - Blogcademy Chicago

I was thrilled to be able to contribute to the amazing Blogcademy workshops as they tour the globe again this year. I think these babes are so inspirational and I love to be amongst this action!

I wanted to send along something that had a whole lot of sparkle to it and so I created this brand new Love Ideas Ink card for the occasion – because everyone deserves to sparkle. So true.

I was also super excited to see the card on Instagram from these lovely attendees –

A Little Bright - LII at the Blogcademy

glitterspice8 here // sydneyharbosky here // leachka here (love the lipstick kiss!)

It was just lovely to see my sparkle all round the world! For more information on the Blogcademy see here (p.s. they now have an amazing Home School – check it out).

Buy the “Everyone deserves to sparkle” card here.

Blogcademy footer LII


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