4 easy last minute DIY gift wrapping ideas

If you are in need of a little DIY gift wrapping ideas I have a few suggestions for you from the archives of Wink.

Wink XOXO Tag

1. Washi Tape

It is super easy to jazz up any present with a tag and a little washi tape. I am obsessed and have way too many rolls but you can never have enough colour! In New Zealand you can buy it here and here.

Wink Enjoy tag sml

2. Hand Lettering

A little hand lettering adds a sweet and personalised touch to any gift. You don’t have to be an expert in writing or drawing to create something lovely – have a look here and here for ideas.

Wink love ya tag 3 S

3. Stamp it

Making a mini stamp from something around the house can produce some amazing (and professional looking) results. You can use this to decorate paper, bags, boxes or even cards. Have a look here for some ideas.

Wink enjoy chalk tag

4. Box it

Boxes are a great way to package little bits and pieces up and you don’t need any wrapping paper. Accessories can be as diverse as ribbon, a chalkboard tag or some florals. Have a look for cute boxes here and here.


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