Need a little help to stay organised?

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Do you need some help to stay on track and get stuff done while you’re hanging out on Facebook?

I know so many creatives who lose hours online, searching, scrolling and hoping for inspiration to strike. Facebook is one of those platforms where you tell yourself you are ‘working’ because you are scrolling through your news feed but in reality you need to stay sharp, focused and on track every time you hit Facebook.

Want to know one of my best Facebook habits ever?

Every time I check Facebook I head to one of my business pages with something important – or fun – to say.

It is a habit I have built up over time. As I run Social Media for a number of business pages it is definitely part of my workday, but I do find it is a great habit to get into. I’m not there just to scroll or check out my news feed – I’m there to say something!

Personal Facebook accounts can be distracting – think an hour wasted without even blinking! And business pages can be complete time wasters too if you do not organise yourself right.

Plan out your week and stay on track!

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