Let’s start the year with a bang….and a plan

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A New Year brings a whole pile of new ideas, new plans and that super focus you can’t get any other time of year – am I right? It is super important though to focus that energy in all the right places otherwise your New Year plans will be under water way too quickly!

I’ve been working on an e-book freebie for you guys interested in what I think you should concentrate on in 2016. And it is free – you just need to sign up to my e-newsletter here.


One thing you must do these holidays

If you are a small business owner this is the craziest time of year. Apart from the fact oh Christmas is just around the corner, we also have to deal with orders, customers and all of the chaos all at once. And if you are like me it is really tough to do it all and do it all well – even the best of us suffer a little!

But here is my number one tip to keep your best customers happy and yourself sane – communicate.

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Simple basic communication – especially at this time of year, can be an absolute game changer for your business.

If you set up your emails to respond quickly and appropriately your customers will love you for it. And your best customers will know to expect this high level from you – and they’ll come back, and tell their friends too.

Whatever your schedule is just communicate this with the customer or client – this means that you get to set your own pace as to how you want things to run. Customers appreciate this time of year is so busy for everyone as well but if you keep them informed and up to date they won’t mind as much.

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Free Printable download – fun, bright to do list

Love Ideas Creative to do list printable

One of my go-to printables I use every week, week in week out is my To Do List. I print it out, cover it entirely and tick items off every day as I get stuff done. I wanted to share my printable with you so you can get as much stuff done*. I made them in lemon and peach for you – I know not everyone loves pink!

* Productivity not included – you need to hustle for that bit!

Love Ideas Creative to do list printable white 2

Download lemon

Love Ideas Creative to do list printable white

Download peach

Please note the small print! Printables are for your personal use only! Feel free to share this printable but please credit A Little Bright and link back to this post for the download. Thanks!


Love Ideas Creative – Crafternoon Tea posters

Hi there,

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I love Crafternoon Tea markets. Created and designed to be packed full of handmade and crafty talents this market is one of the best in Auckland I reckon. I have designed the last two flyers for the market and while they are quite different in styles I love how both convey what the market is all about in one glance.

Crafternoon Tea March Flyer

Crafternoon Tea April Flyer

See here for more about the markets and here to like their Facebook page.

P.S Love Ideas Ink will be at the next market too!

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Love Ideas Creative – Kohekohe NZ Honey packaging design

Hi there,

I have a little something different for you this week!

I have finally sorted out my Love Ideas Creative brand and design business and wanted to show you a few things I’ve been working on! I’ll show you something new every day this week and then show my new website.

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Kohekohe NZ Honey is a great small business that I worked with a few months ago. They are a boutique business selling comb honey within New Zealand.

The brief was for something rustic looking and earthy while still conveying the fantastic benefits of honey and the fact the honey was 100% pure and NZ made.

At the moment they are just selling comb honey but hopefully later in the year there will be liquid honey too so I’ll keep you up to date with this growing brand.

KK two

KK three

KK one

KK four

For those of you who have never seen comb honey, it is cut straight off the frames that the bees work on – here are a couple of pictures of the frames.

The honeycomb construction is an amazing thing, those bees are so clever!

Kohekohe one

Kohekohe two

Oh and for anyone in New Zealand you can buy the comb honey here – apparently it is amazing!

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