3 fun gifts with florals

A Little Bright - three ways floral

A Little Bright - three ways floral 2


If you are looking for a sweet way to decorate your present or gift for someone special, here are three of my favourite ways to incorporate florals!

one – Make a bouquet of paper flowers from Handmade Charlotte

two – Wrap your present with dried flowers from Camille Styles

three – Surprise them with some sweet floral macarons from Sugar & Cloth


Cuteness roundup – 16th September


A little one themed cuteness roundup for you today. So many DIYs, so little time!

Inky and Bright - Cuteness round header

Cuteness one

Cuteness two

Cuteness three

DIY Baby onesie from Lovely Indeed :: DIY Cloud Lamp :: Childrens papercut from Giochi di Carta (probably not a DIY unless you are an overachiever!)

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