Society 6 – art inspiration grab

A Little Bright - Society 6 art inspiration 1

A Little Bright - Society 6 art inspiration 2

I thought I would grab a few inspiring art prints for you to gaze over today. Society 6 is so full of talent it is amazing! I could browse for hours.

Black collection – Ampersand by Jude Landry // Woods – Bon Iver by Zeke Tucker // …mad here by Matthew Taylor Wilson

Pink collection – Peonies Forever by Ez Pudewa // Bright Pink – Part 2 by Jenny Liz Rome // The Future is Bright – Pink & Gold by Cat Coquillette

SHOP HERE – all images by the artists




Well it is October. Is it just me or did that come out of nowhere? I am sure it was just July…

I am well and truly in the Halloween spirit and have been oranging things up all week. Here is a peek at some of my Halloween goodies for Love Ideas Ink (cards, gift tags) and Wink (goodie and favour bags). Let’s do this thing!

First up, Love Ideas Ink!

Love Ideas Ink Boo Spider Card 3 S

Love Ideas Ink Cobweb tags S

Love Ideas Ink Boo tags 2 S

Love Ideas Ink Boo Card S

Love Ideas Ink scary times happy halloween tags 4 S


Wink Halloween Noodle Box S

Wink Halloween Cotton bag with tag 2 S

Wink Halloween Set of tags main L

Wink Halloween BW chevron bag Large 3 S

I’ll let you know when everything is online!

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