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Live a little

I’m back with another pretty art print for you to provide a little inspiration to get off the computer, away from the phone and live a little! Do you have any nice plans for the weekend? I am going to do very little which I am thrilled about!

Simply click to download, print and enjoy!

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Art prints are for personal use only! If sharing please credit back to Love Ideas Ink or A Little Bright and you must link back to the download link on this page. Thanks!



Hi there,

Some days I feel like I spend a lot of time looking out the window. Working from home -with the executive view of the clothesline and my little vege garden – is lovely some days and tough work on others. Here in Auckland I am sure it rains all the time, but on and off – not consistently! I had heard this about Auckland before I moved here and oh boy is it true. So some days I am gazing at clouds looking for inspiration. But mostly I am keeping my eyes on the clouds – don’t rain, my washing is out!


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