Love Ideas Creative – Crafternoon Tea posters

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I love Crafternoon Tea markets. Created and designed to be packed full of handmade and crafty talents this market is one of the best in Auckland I reckon. I have designed the last two flyers for the market and while they are quite different in styles I love how both convey what the market is all about in one glance.

Crafternoon Tea March Flyer

Crafternoon Tea April Flyer

See here for more about the markets and here to like their Facebook page.

P.S Love Ideas Ink will be at the next market too!

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Love Ideas Creative – Kohekohe NZ Honey packaging design

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I have a little something different for you this week!

I have finally sorted out my Love Ideas Creative brand and design business and wanted to show you a few things I’ve been working on! I’ll show you something new every day this week and then show my new website.

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Kohekohe NZ Honey is a great small business that I worked with a few months ago. They are a boutique business selling comb honey within New Zealand.

The brief was for something rustic looking and earthy while still conveying the fantastic benefits of honey and the fact the honey was 100% pure and NZ made.

At the moment they are just selling comb honey but hopefully later in the year there will be liquid honey too so I’ll keep you up to date with this growing brand.

KK two

KK three

KK one

KK four

For those of you who have never seen comb honey, it is cut straight off the frames that the bees work on – here are a couple of pictures of the frames.

The honeycomb construction is an amazing thing, those bees are so clever!

Kohekohe one

Kohekohe two

Oh and for anyone in New Zealand you can buy the comb honey here – apparently it is amazing!

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