Need a little help to stay organised?

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Do you need some help to stay on track and get stuff done while you’re hanging out on Facebook?

I know so many creatives who lose hours online, searching, scrolling and hoping for inspiration to strike. Facebook is one of those platforms where you tell yourself you are ‘working’ because you are scrolling through your news feed but in reality you need to stay sharp, focused and on track every time you hit Facebook.

Want to know one of my best Facebook habits ever?

Every time I check Facebook I head to one of my business pages with something important – or fun – to say.

It is a habit I have built up over time. As I run Social Media for a number of business pages it is definitely part of my workday, but I do find it is a great habit to get into. I’m not there just to scroll or check out my news feed – I’m there to say something!

Personal Facebook accounts can be distracting – think an hour wasted without even blinking! And business pages can be complete time wasters too if you do not organise yourself right.

Plan out your week and stay on track!

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A little giveaway

A little celebration was in order I decided as Love Ideas Ink hit 1000 likes on Facebook! I do not like to pass up any opportunity to thank my amazing fans and so I put together a giveaway.

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You can enter here and it is open to all National and International fans!

The winner will be drawn Sunday 6th September PM. Good luck!


The power of Facebook

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I love Facebook. It’s a confession I’m happy to make considering the impact Facebook has had on promoting my small businesses to the world. And new data made public just recently shows – in a New Zealand specific way – why you have to take Facebook seriously – especially if you are a small business too.

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The Head of Facebook New Zealand, Spencer Bailey released NZ specific data for the first time showing the power of Facebook when it comes to sharing and promoting your business. Of particular interest are the following pieces of information:

One. 1.9 million New Zealanders access Facebook every day.

Two. 1.5 million New Zealanders access Facebook from mobile devices.

Three. Average daily visits to Facebook is 14.

Four. 82% of NZ based Mums access Facebook every day.

Five. 71% of people access Facebook to be “entertained”.

What does this tell us? Well for a start it is a hugely powerful active market of a broad range of New Zealanders. Facebook is a way you can easily and quickly start a Marketing campaign online – for no upfront cost – and keep an open conversation with many potential customers.

Facebook also has an immense amount of power to connect you with audiences not just in New Zealand but worldwide and  it all can be done using a set of very basic marketing concepts.

Connect. Look for your tribe and connect with them. Share content with them that is interesting, entertaining and beneficial. Keep the conversation open and current. And enjoy yourself – it will be catching.

Key takeaway – If you are a small business and you want to market your product or service then Facebook is a great place to start and build your brand.

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Love Ideas Ink giveaway – thanks

Hi there,

I am running a little giveaway to say a big thanks to everyone who supports Love Ideas Ink!

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I am so thrilled that we now have 500 Facebook fans, we’ve had 99 sales on Felt and I wanted to say thanks and give away a few of our favourite items (hint – this would make a fantastic Mothers Day gift!).

To enter just share this photo on Facebook – click here for the link OR sign up for our e-newsletter, you can click here to do that.


Winner to be drawn next week.

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Big winner!

Hi there,

How exciting our little competition was this week! I was so busy thanking you all for helping Love Ideas Ink get to 150 likers on Facebook, and in the blink of an eye we are at 170! I am super grateful and think you all are fabulous.

So to the big winner!

ALICE BRETHERTON you are the winner!

Email us at loveideasnz [at] to claim your super lovely prize!

And a super big thanks to you all. I can promise there are loads of fabulous things on the way, not including our BIG one year anniversary coming soon. I feel so grown up!

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