DIY Printable Holiday art – Celebrate all the little things

Love Ideas Ink Christmas Art Printable

This year is rapidly coming to a close and it is busy around here which is a great thing of course. Christmas sales online and at markets keep me going through the holidays and I am always super grateful for the increase in business around this time.

I wanted to give you a little something for staying around with me this year – it has been a tough year but I am excited about what is coming next of course. I hope you have lots of things to be grateful for and celebrate this coming holiday season and remember the little things are always the best.

You can download my free printable holiday art below and print, hang and remember to be grateful even when times are tough.

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Even though I am not in America I think the idea of being grateful and thankful for things is really important.

So here is my list of things I am thankful for today!

1. Green tea being so tasty and calming

2. Sun! So lovely.

3. Chatting to lovely friends on the phone

4. It being Friday (sorry but true)

5. The plethora of veges growing in my little garden and picking them whenever I want!

6. Being able to earn an income (even if small!) doing my own work

7. Mumford and Sons

8. My pink post it notes

9. My summer holiday approaching rapidly!

10. My blog and all my lovely followers! Thanks you!

Link here.

By the way this video here was really fab this week – I recommend you pop over and have a looksie!