The Blogcademy 2014 – Lessons Learnt Pt 2

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The Blogcademy 2014 - Auckland

The Blogcademy Auckland 2014

As you know I attended (and styled) The Blogcademy in Auckland at the end of last year and it was really an amazing couple of days for me. I had wanted to attend the first time round but had some prior commitments so when I heard the team were coming back I blocked out my calendar so I could head along and soak up the inspiration.

Here are my top three takeaways from the course.

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The Blogcademy Auckland 2014

As well as getting amazing content, inspiration and tips and tricks, one of the best things about The Blogcademy is getting to mingle and chat with the other attendees. The odds are these guys are very similiar to you – whether they have a blog, are new to blogging and want to be inspired or are old hands at the practice. The thing you will find you have in common is a passion for creativity, a desire to fill yourself with knowledge and a yearning to be your own boss and do something great. Now a room full of these locals makes for an awe inspiring two days – you can imagine!

This is why getting out and networking is such a great takeaway. Being behind a computer is all very well but getting out into the real world and chatting and plotting/planning/dreaming with other people just like you is such a great thing and should be on everyone’s to do list for the year.

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The Blogcademy Auckland 2014

A great takeaway from all three headmistresses is that you have to do the work to get to where you want to be. All three started in a place where the gift they wanted to share with the world was coming from a place of love and passion. It seems really easy to start something big or momentous when you are really excited about what you are talking about – think about writing the first chapter of that book, making the first DIY for your upcoming wedding or the first blog post. But beyond that you have to push through, you have to consistently publish and research and write or design or create – and do the work.

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The Blogcademy Auckland 2014

My final – and favourite – takeaway from The Blogcademy is simply to be yourself and tell your story. The headmistresses really emphasised that they are where they are today because of their unique point of view. They didn’t try to be someone else, to promote things they weren’t passionate about or didn’t care for – they were strictly on point with who they were and what they wanted to say. You are the only you there is and your angle or your take on the world is something people might be interested in – so give it a go and let your personality and weirdness shine through!

PS you can take The Blogcademy online now so no excuses not to go!

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A new look!

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If you visit my blog through a reader or an email subscription you might not have noticed a new look for the blog lately! After The Blogcademy one of the main things I wanted to change was the look of the blog. When I started and chose yellow as my main brand colour for A Little Bright it seemed like a natural fit, but as time went on it felt less and less like me and was starting to look a bit sad.

After a great discussion with Shauna I knew exactly what to do when I got home – and although it took a few months – I am really thrilled with the new look – it is so me and exactly what I want to convey about the things you will find here from me and things I love.

So please pop over and take a look when you get a minute – I’m still working on enhancing my product pages so there is definitely more to come!

Here is a little reminder of the makeover –

A Little Bright - before blog

A Little Bright - after blog

Thanks to Natalie Morgan Photography for my fab new photo too!


The Blogcademy 2014 – Wink Styles Pt 1

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Wink styles the Blogcademy Auckland 2014 - Photo Bubblerock

One of the things I was most grateful for in 2014 was Wink getting the opportunity to style such amazing events as The Blogcademy. The three headmistresses Gala Darling, Kat Williams and Shauna Haider were so supportive and kind in letting me go mad and decorate up the space at Biz Dojo in Auckland Central.

In addition to that – I went to the Blogcademy too!! I couldn’t attend last year as I had another event pre-arranged and I was so sad. This year I blocked out the weekend on my calendar. I’ll be doing a full roundup of things I learned shortly – it was so inspirational.

I wanted to show you some of the items I created and customised for The Blogcademy Auckland 2014 and these beautiful photos from Steph at Bubblerock make it so easy.

Wink styles the Blogcademy Auckland 2014 - Photo Bubblerock

Wink styles the Blogcademy Auckland 2014 - Photo Bubblerock

Wink styles the Blogcademy Auckland 2014 - Photo Bubblerock

Wink styles the Blogcademy Auckland 2014 - Photo Bubblerock

I created a custom backdrop for all the fun photos from the weekend, tassles for the chairs, a couple of banners plus the very cute Polaroid banner with Mini Mylar balloons. I had such fun making this all – it was a joy to make and create and I was so happy to be there to see the class see it all for the first time too.

Wink styles the Blogcademy Auckland 2014 - Photo Bubblerock

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Anything is possible…

I spent the weekend soaking up the inspirational magic of The Blogcademy Auckland and I feel so lucky! Being surrounded by all this excitement, energy and action was super inspiring and I do feel like anything is possible for me moving forward. I have a lot more to share including all the Wink styling of the event and what I took away from the workshop which will come in the next week or so if Christmas orders don’t slow me down too much.

In the meantime here are a couple of my Instagram snaps from the weekend to get you inspired too!

A Little Bright - Wink at the Blogcademy Auckland

A Little Bright - Wink at the Blogcademy Auckland 2

A Little Bright - Wink at the Blogcademy Auckland 3

1 -Great colours from Joanna working up against the Wink backdrop // 2 – Wink custom banner made from Gala Darling’s Instagram // 3 – Wink photo props ready for action

Nice things

Blogcademy header LII  A Little Bright - Blogcademy Chicago

Further to my post about the always awesome experience of being involved with the amazing ladies of The Blogcademy in Chicago earlier this year, here are the lovely nice things that Gala, Kat and Shauna had to say about my sparkle card.

I loved that Gala called it “the best sentiment” – my thoughts exactly!

See Kat’s roundup here // See Gala’s roundup here // See Shauna’s roundup here

Buy the Sparkle card here.

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Sparkling at the Blogcademy Chicago

Blogcademy header LII

A Little Bright - Blogcademy Chicago

I was thrilled to be able to contribute to the amazing Blogcademy workshops as they tour the globe again this year. I think these babes are so inspirational and I love to be amongst this action!

I wanted to send along something that had a whole lot of sparkle to it and so I created this brand new Love Ideas Ink card for the occasion – because everyone deserves to sparkle. So true.

I was also super excited to see the card on Instagram from these lovely attendees –

A Little Bright - LII at the Blogcademy

glitterspice8 here // sydneyharbosky here // leachka here (love the lipstick kiss!)

It was just lovely to see my sparkle all round the world! For more information on the Blogcademy see here (p.s. they now have an amazing Home School – check it out).

Buy the “Everyone deserves to sparkle” card here.

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